Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator allows players to dive into the exciting world of retail management, where every decision you make shapes the success of your store.


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Supermarket Simulator Overview

Welcome to the Supermarket Simulator, the most immersive and detailed supermarket management game available today. Game allows players to dive into the exciting world of retail management, where every decision you make shapes the success of your store. From stocking shelves to handling cash registers, every aspect of running a supermarket is at your fingertips.


  • Store Management: Design and customize your store to optimize for efficiency and aesthetics. Manage aisles, display products strategically, and ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers. Your layout decisions will directly impact customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Supply Goods: Order stock using the in-game computer, then unpack and organize goods in your storage room. Place items on shelves, in fridges, and freezers to keep your inventory well-stocked and your customers happy.
  • Cashier: Experience the hustle and bustle of checkout. Scan items, process cash and credit card payments, and ensure customers leave satisfied with their shopping experience. Efficient checkouts lead to happier customers and better sales.
  • Free Market: Navigate the complexities of a real-time market. Buy products when prices dip and determine the best-selling prices to balance customer satisfaction with profit margins. This dynamic pricing ensures that you stay competitive and profitable.
  • Grow: Reinvest your profits to expand your store's physical space, upgrade interiors, and adapt to the evolving demands of the retail world. Growth and expansion are key to transforming your modest establishment into a retail powerhouse.

How to Play

  1. Start Small: Begin with a modest store. Stock basic items and set competitive prices to attract customers.
  2. Stock Shelves: Regularly check your inventory and restock shelves to ensure a continuous supply of goods.
  3. Set Prices: Adjust prices based on market trends and customer demand. Balance affordability with profit margins.
  4. Hire Staff: As your store grows, hire staff to help with stocking, cleaning, and cashier duties.
  5. Expand: Use profits to expand your store, adding new sections and improving the interior design.
  6. Engage with Customers: Listen to customer feedback and make adjustments to enhance their shopping experience.

Tips for Newbie

  1. Plan Your Layout: Design your store layout to maximize efficiency. Place high-demand items near the entrance and ensure aisles are wide enough for easy navigation.
  2. Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on the market to buy stock at the lowest prices. This will help you set competitive selling prices.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers are repeat customers. Ensure shelves are always stocked, prices are reasonable, and checkout lines are short.
  4. Reinvest Wisely: Use your profits to expand and upgrade your store strategically. Focus on areas that will bring the most benefit to your customers.
  5. Community Interaction: Join the game's official Discord server and Steam discussions to share ideas, get feedback, and stay updated on new features and updates.

Why Early Access?

Releasing the game on Early Access allows players to enjoy Supermarket Simulator as soon as possible while contributing valuable feedback. The developers plan to release the full game within 12 months, adding features such as online orders, neighborhood delivery, store customization, cleaning, and storage management. Early Access players will enjoy a lower price and the opportunity to shape the game with their suggestions and bug reports.Join the community, run your own supermarket, and become a retail mogul with game. Your journey to retail success starts here!

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