Counter Craft 5

Counter Craft 5



Counter Craft 5 Overview

Counter Craft 5 plunges players into heart-thumping action as they battle relentless block-headed zombies on the iconic Dust 2 map. Armed with an arsenal of heavy-duty weapons, your mission is clear: strategically blast TNT boxes and unleash chaos to eliminate these pixelated menaces. With a blend of tactical shooting and intense gameplay, this game promises an exhilarating experience where strategy meets speed.


  • Pixelated Mayhem: Survive waves of blocky zombies using spry tactics and swift shooting.
  • Unlock Powerful Weapons: Progress through kill counts to unlock a vast array of weapons.
  • Dust 2 Map: Step into the legendary Dust 2 map known from the Counter-Strike series.
  • Strategic TNT Use: Strategically detonate explosive TNT boxes scattered across the map.
  • Objective-Driven Progression: Each level has a specific undead quota—think tactically to achieve your goals.

How to Play

  1. Aim and Shoot: Use your mouse to aim, left-click to shoot.
  2. TNT Tactics: Strategically shoot TNT boxes to create massive explosions, wiping out multiple zombies.
  3. Survival Strategies:
    • Master the Map: Learn Dust 2’s layout, choke points, and TNT locations.
    • Plan Ahead: Time your TNT detonations for chain reactions against swarming zombies.
    • Ammo Management: Use your sidearm wisely to conserve ammo for critical moments.
    • Stay Agile: Constantly reposition to avoid getting overwhelmed by relentless undead.

Tips for Newbies

  • Learn the Map: Dust 2’s classic design offers strategic advantages—exploit them.
  • TNT Timing: Don’t waste TNT shots; wait for large zombie clusters.
  • Ammo Conservation: Prioritize tougher enemies to save ammo for TNT blasts.
  • Stay Mobile: Zombies won’t wait—keep moving and use cover effectively.

Counter Craft 5 delivers explosive gameplay, tactical challenges, and adrenaline-fueled action. Grab your weapons, prepare for detonation, and dominate the blocky undead!

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